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The Mosque have a profound importance for the Muslim community in Wales as it not only provides a place for worship but also assists in the advancement of Islam through Islamic studies courses, hence the need for an extension to take place in order for it to accommodate the outstanding numbers that attend. . The mosque and its facilities are run by voluntary Committee members. Each of these members are democratically nominated and elected at an annual general meeting. The Committee members are accountable to the public.


The South Wales Islamic Centre, Alice Street, Cardiff was built in the late 1970's in the classical Arabic style by Davies Llewellyn Partnership. The building occupies 250 square meters, and has an impressive bronze dome around which are 16 stained glass windows designed by students of the College of Art, Swansea. The lower parts of the structure are built of red bricks. The building includes a Women's centre and main area for worship. The monument is an outstanding example of a single-space domed Mosque built in the Butetown area of Cardiff with classical style, and with a minaret abutting the left hand side. Due to its architecture, structural it is a focal point for many Muslims in Wales and is visited by many local schools.

The masjid members

The members are directors of the Mosque and are also charity trustees under charity law and company law. Therefore, the Executive Management Committee has a duty of care towards the public to which is governed. The general public are encouraged to be part of the committee especially people from the younger generation and women who are highly encouraged to join the executive management committee. Even if this is not at all possible the Mosque always requires support in the form of volunteers who make all the difference in helping to achieve the aims and objectives of the South Wales Islamic Centre The Committee is directed by the elected Chairman who oversees all aspects of mosque operations such as the maintenance, daily functions, long term plans and employment of imams.

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South Wales Islamic Centre

Alice Street, Butetown

Cardiff, CF10 5LB

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Phone: +44 2920 460 243

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